If you need the same node a couple of times and for some reason you don’t like copy pasting them, there is another way you could do it. It’s a bit strange, so bear with me.

Here is how it goes:

  1. Middle click the center of a node , hit tab or right click and the tab menu will appear.
  2. Find the node you need by typing the name, finding in the history or manually through the menus. For example the transform node.
  3. Then Shift select a couple of nodes ABOVE the one you need. The order of selection does not matter.

Note: If you have opened a section with 2 or more rows, every consecutive row acts like an extension to the first. So the top node in the second row has priority over the bottom node in the first row.

  1. Click the node you need without shift and now you can place as many nodes as you have selected. The nodes will get piled on top of each other if you shift click the node you need and then click again or if you click a node output/input and then click tab, regardless of how you click the last node.

Note: It doesn’t actually matter which node you select last, as long as the one you need is at the bottom. Selecting it last is just easier and less confusing.