Have you ever had to model more complex objects? I am sure you do, otherwise why would you be here?

It’s likely that you have had to move a lot of vertices/edges to the achieve desired curvature. Personally I don’t like editing on a vertex by vertex basis. It’s just a huge nag…and that’s where guide (splines/curves) based edge manipulation tools comes in hand!

The most basic version of the tool is: A spline is created around your selected edges and their vertices of get glued to your new guide. Then, when the spline the vertices will follows along. Blender’s version can also edit whole geometry and some other funky things.

Sources to curve based manipulation tools:

3ds max

Rapidtools (great toolset) – RapidSplineFFD

SplineFFD – another script for the same tool as above

Sometimes, your edges might get uneven lengths. To fix that use built in 3ds max “space” from the “Loop Tools”.


Mira tools

C stretch – Snapped to selection. Used with edges and vertices

C guide – Straight curve that can manipulate any kind of selection, including whole geometry


Zentools (requires Maya bonus tools)

Curve edges – Can manipulate surrounding edges like soft select.



In both of the 2 cases, the starting object is a sphere. The program is Blender

Manipulation of continues edge selection.

Manipulation of the whole selection